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Calibration Database System

How to retrieve with StarView

To retrieve any one of this files using StarView open the form "Datasets Name" under the menu:
Searches->HST->Data Files. In the parameter "Datase Name" use the first nine characters of the file name followed by and asterisk. Mark the record for retrieval. In the "Select the data type(s) for retrieval" window deselect all the boxes except for the box "Show override options (Expert)". When selecting this box it will show a window with the "HST Retrieval Configuration Options", choose the option "Override Data Type(s)". To retrieve table reference files enter ctb in the Class and Extensions boxes. To retrieve image reference files enter cdb in the Class and Extensions boxes (Note that you can retrieve only tables or images at one time but not a combination of both). Choose a method of data delivery, your password and select Done.