STScI Calibration Data System

WFC3 Distortion Coefficients Tables

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File Detector Use After Pedigree Delivery # Delivery Date OTFR Start Use Date Comments
w3m18525i_idc.fits IR May 11 2009 00:00:00 UT INFLIGHT 12422 Mar 22 2012 18:58:41 GMT Mar 22 2012 20:00:56 GMT New IDCTAB now contains calibrated solutions for 8 filters.-------- This IDCTAB is created from vera030812_ir_idc.txt file. This file has been updated with new calibrated IR filters, F105W, F140W
yas1621ai_idc.fits UVIS May 11 2009 00:00:00 UT INFLIGHT 12732 Oct 28 2014 16:23:15 GMT Oct 28 2014 17:08:56 GMT Geometric Distortion Coefficients, unique solutions for 15 filters- This IDCTAB is created from vera101414_uvis_idc.txt file. Newly derived IDCTAB is consistent of the geometric distortion coeff