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Procedure for New Reference File Types

Add new reference files to the system

In order to get new reference files into the system and for them to be used in the pipeline and appear in the header of calibrated data, three PRs have to be filled against: CDBS, OPUS,and STARVIEW (Also against SI for ICD 47 changes; we don't have an example of this PR).The PR can be filed at the STScI Problem Report System .

There could be cases, however, when the reference files will not require use by the pipeline, and may not go into StarView; in those cases only fill the PRs which cover the systems applicable to your reference files.
If you have any doubts about which PRs are needed, please contact the INS/CDBS Group (

Examples are:

PR 42445 or PR 45386 for CDBS: this states that the new files should be defined in CDBS in order for them to be ingested in the database.

The OPUS PR covers instructions to OPUS on how to use the new reference files and on adding KEYWORDS to the data; so information related to KWDS now have to be put in the OPUS PR. Since in the past these were separated, here we show them in two separate PRs; however, keep in mind that from now on all the necessary information should be contained in the OPUS PR only.

PR 42444 or PR 45388 for OPUS: states that new header keywords for listing this files have to be populated in the primary header, that a new field has to be added to the CATALOG database.

PR 42442 or PR 45387 for KWDB (this information should go in the OPUS PR): states that new header keywords for listing this files have to be added to the primary header.

The IDC47 document has to be updated too. Just submit the additional changes to Warren Miller and CC the changes to the INS/CDBS Group. They will see that the document gets updated.