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Note: When accessing files, be aware of the different formats these files and tables are in (File Structures).

For the current WFPC2 calibration reference data, go to Frequently Used WFPC2 Data

For the previous versions of WFPC2 calibration reference data, go to Less Frequently Used WFPC2 Data

To get the the WFPC2-teams' home page, go to the WFPC2 Home Page

For files formerly used or being used in the routine OPUS pipeline; including brief descriptions of types of files,followed by detailed listing of filenames & histories, go to the WFPC2 Reference File Information Page.

WFPC2 IDT Alternate Reference Files:

These are available from the archives, but not used in the standard OPUS pipeline. For this data, go to the WFPC2 Alternate Reference File Page.

Calibration Processing Flow Diagram

Calibration Switches and Reference File Types