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Post-2003 Jitter File Description Document
Defines the current format of the HST jitter file products. Supplement to the "Pre-2003 Jitter FIle Description Document"
J. Baum 02 Feb 2003

Pre-2003 Jitter File Description Document
Specifies the HST jitter files prior to spring 2003; describes their interpretation and application. For observations after this date, see "Post-2003 Jitter File Description Document"
M. Lallo 24 Jun 2002

Instrument Science Reports:
ISRs are technical reports written by members of the Observatory Group about various aspects of the instrument and data. They usually contain in-depth information about specific topics.

Velocity Aberration Correction for Parallel Observations
C. Cox 01 Oct 1997

An Investigation into the Guidance of FOC GTO 4073
S. Holfeltz 01 Jun 1994

A Multipurpose Pointing Analysis Tool (OBSOLETE!)
C. Cox 01 Feb 1994

A Determination of the Pointing History during FOS Scans of Mars
C. Cox 01 Dec 1993

Attitude Determination and Target Location
C. Cox 01 Nov 1992