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What's New for Cycle 19 Phase I

The Cycle 19 release of APT contains the following changes which may be helpful in preparing Phase I Programs.

  1. New Installation software - APT has a new Installer. It is similar to the old Installer, but not exactly the same. Please be sure to read the new instructions because some things have changed. APT's new Installer is built using the same software as the GMS Installer (which has been in use for over a year).
  2. New process for adding/updating Address information - A new web based application (called the Proposal/Person Application or ProPer for short) is now available for updating address information and for requesting a new person to be added to the STScI address database. There is a direct URL to ProPer, but note that APT contains a direct link to this web page at the top of the PI and CoI forms.
  3. New calendar utility for specifying dates - When entering a date in APT (such as for a BETWEEN scheduling requirement) there is now a calendar utility. Simply click on the calendar icon on the right side of the field and the calendar utility will pop up.
  4. Estimated Target Visibility shown - APT now shows the estimated visibility per orbit for your Observations (based on your target and some scheduling requirements). You can use this to estimate the number of orbits required to complete your Observations. This value is a more accurate value than that in the Primer (although the values do not differ significantly), and will clearly show the impact of scheduling constraints (e.g. Low Sky, Shadow) on the visibility.
  5. Aladin Image/Plotting interface - The version of Aladin within APT has been upgraded to Aladin 7.0. There are many new feature in this release. For instance it has a new interface that allows you to make scatter plots of catalog data. You can then select objects in the plot and see where they are located in the image, or select objects in the image and see where they are located in the plot. See the demonstration movie for more information.
  6. Hyperlinks in the PDF attachment are now preserved - If your PDF attachment contains hyperlinks, those links are preserved in the final combined PDF version of your proposal.