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What's New for Cycle 20 Phase I

The Cycle 20 release of APT contains the following changes which may be helpful in preparing Phase I Programs.

  1. Change in Phase I submission acknowledgement - The PI and all Co-Is will now receive an automatic e-mail once for every version of the proposal submitted. A final submission acknowledgement will also be sent to the PI and all CoIs after the deadline has passed and the submission has been verified.
  2. Guidance has been added for the RA restrictions in Cycle 20 - Error and warnings have been added to APT to aid the user in complying with these new, special RA restrictions. Please see Section 4.1.8 of the Call for Proposals for complete details.
  3. APT's editors have Undo! - To use Undo, simply go to menu option Edit>Undo, or press ctrl-z (or cmd-z on Mac). There is also a Redo option if you end up undoing too much. Undo is limited to the editors - it does not extend to the tools (such as Aladin).
  4. Context sensitive help is now on all the time - Any field name that is dark blue (and the cursor becomes a ? when you hover over it) can be clicked on to take you to the appropriate entry in the documentation.
  5. Improved connection between APT and the address database - When contacting the STScI address database through APT to add or correct an address, you will be taken directly to the appropriate form on-line.
  6. Improved pop up about proposal problems - If you have remaining errors and warnings in your proposal a list of problems is generated. You then have the option to cut and paste the text of the error or warning into your explanation box.
  7. Anonymous statistics collection has been added- This will allow us to analyze how often various features of APT are used.