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What's New for Cycle 20 Phase II

This Cycle 20 release of APT contains the following changes which may be helpful in preparing Phase II Programs:

  1. Making your confirmation charts is now part of writing proposal - The capability to make confirmation charts of your fixed targets was added to APT last year, but now it is a necessary part of proposal writing. There is a button for it in the main tool bar. There is text and movie documentation available.
  2. Organizing visits - For programs with more than a few visits we have two new features for helping you organize your visits. There are now text labels for visits (similar to the existing exposure labels) and a utility available from the visits folder to renumber your visits.
  3. New and improved target importer - Instead of one HST specific target import file format, APT now can interpret a variety of file formats (CSV, Tabbed, whitespace, VO Tables) and attempt to interpret column header names intelligently. For some files you may just be able import, but if you need it, there is documentation.
  4. Context sensitive help is on all the time - Any field name that is dark blue (and the cursor becomes a ? when you hover over it) can be clicked on to take you to the appropriate entry in the Proposal Instructions.
  5. PI can now delegate being proposal contact completely - In the past you (the PI) could designate a Co-I as contact, but you would still receive much of the e-mail traffic. Now you can opt out of the Phase II proposal writing e-mail traffic.
  6. Exposure maps - For programs that repeatedly image the same region of sky, it can be useful to make an exposure map to determine the amount of exposure time for each position. Read the documentation to learn how APT can help.
  7. Improved pop up about proposal problems - As in Phase I, if you have remaining errors and warnings in your proposal these will be listed when you submit. You then have the option to cut and paste the text of the error or warning into your explanation box.