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What's New for Cycle 21 Phase I

This Cycle 21 release of APT contains the following changes which may be helpful in preparing Phase I Programs:

  1. Giving feedback - We have added a Feedback button to APT so you can send comments directly to the APT developers as you think of them while you are working. Note that detailed questions on your Phase I Proposal should still be sent to
  2. Context Sensitive Help is now on all the time - Any field name in a form that is dark blue (and the cursor becomes a ? when you hover over it) can be clicked on to take you to the appropriate entry in the Call for Proposals.
  3. New and improved target importer - Instead of a single (HST specific) target import file format, APT now can interpret a variety of file formats (CSV, Tabbed, whitespace, VO Tables) and attempt to interpret column header names intelligently. For some files you may just be able import, but there is documentation if you need it.
  4. Proposal size set for you - The size of your proposal (Large/Medium/Small) is now determined automatically by APT from the orbits requested. Note that if your program is Large (75 orbits), you will get the special lower Large Program visibility (about 50 minutes of visibility per orbit).
  5. Easier name lookup - When searching for an investigator in the STScI address database, you can now use first or last name.
  6. Science Keyword entry easier - We have changed the way the Science Keywords are entered to make it easier to see all your options at once.
  7. Spatial Scan visualization - While not a Phase I feature, those planning a spatial scan observation may choose to draft a Phase II and could benefit from the two new visualizations of: 1) the target path on the detector and 2) the aperture position extremes on the sky.