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What's New for Cycle 22 Phase I

This Cycle 22 release of APT contains the following changes you should be aware of for Phase I Programs:

  1. Easier Investigator lookup - APT uses a new search method for looking up Investigators in the STScI database. These changes should make it easier to find people even if you do not know the exact spelling, and to find people with multi-word last names.
  2. Easier Investigator update - Two new buttons have been added to APT: One to take you to the web page for updating an address and another for adding a new Investigator. You will see these buttons after searching for an Investigator in the STScI database.
  3. Change in format of the PDF summary - To help the reviewers focus on the science (and not the Investigators), the format of the PDF file APT creates for the TAC has been modified. For more information please see the explanation in the Late Breaking News.