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What's New for Cycle 23 Phase I

This Cycle 23 release of APT contains the following changes you should be aware of for Phase I Programs:

  1. Updated the version of Aladin - In order to support new features in APT (see below), we have updated to Aladin 8.1. The basic functions of Aladin for visualization are the same, but there are two tasks - zooming and changing the opacity of the aperture overlays - that are different. (See the Aladin training video: Using Aladin with APT in Phase II for details.)
  2. Labels now available in Aladin - It is now possible to overlays labels in Aladin for targets, exposures, and observations. You can also display the current Orientation angle, as well as the POS TARG XY axes. (See the Aladin training videos: Using Aladin with APT in Phase II, Measuring/updating orientations and Creating Pos Targ offsets for details.)
  3. Changes to Hubble Legacy Archive access - Access to HLA data is now through an obvious button on the left hand side of the Aladin Server Selector (it used to be more hidden under the Archives button). More recent HLA data is available, and the data downloads are now JPEG images rather than FITS data (to speed the download times). (See the Aladin training video: Using HLA with Aladin for details.)