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What's New for Cycle 24 Phase I

This Cycle 24 release of APT contains the following changes you should be aware of for Phase I Programs:

  1. Find - The new Find feature (Edit>Find) can help you locate field names or values you've entered. Matching results are displayed in a table which allows you to jump to the one you want in the forms, or you can edit values right in the Find window. For a quick tour, watch the training video: Using the new Find feature.)
  2. New Categories and Keywords - STScI has revised and updated the Scientific Categories and Keywords that are valid for use in Phase I proposals. When revising a proposal from a previous cycle you will find that you will need to select new values.
  3. Principle Investigator no longer noted - Following the recommendation of the Space Telescope Users Committee, the PDF view of the proposal (for use by the TAC) lists investigators alphabetically without identifying the Principal Investigator.
  4. Screen preferences saved - The size and location of the main APT window is now stored in preferences when you quit. These values are then used to set the window size and location the next time you start APT. (There is a new preference "Reset Window Size" which returns the APT window to the default size.)