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What's New for JWST APT

APT 25.2 contains the following changes you should be aware of for JWST Programs:

  1. Parallel observations are now indicated on the proposal PDF given to the TAC. Proposals with parallel observations must use APT 25.2.
  2. For MIRI observations the warning against switching between FAST and SLOW readout modes has been removed.
  3. For MIRI imaging parallels number of exposures must be set to 1 or else an Error message is returned.
  4. NIRSpec MSA Users will see a speedup in the preparation of MSA configuration files by the MSA planning tool (MPT).

APT 25.1.1 contains the following changes you should be aware of for JWST Programs:

  1. Context Sensitive Help - APT now has links into the JWST Documentation. Look for dark blue keywords in the templates.
  2. Compound aperture displays - The apertures displays in Aladin both for prime and parallel apertures now show more detail.
  3. Time reporting better matches the ETC - The exposure specifications in the templates have been reorganized a bit and a Total Exposure Time which relates to ETC calculations has been added.
  4. File Export/Import option - You can now export an XML file of your APT proposal for scripting of large repetitive programs from small ones. (This replaces the .gapt export/import option.)
  5. Improved Smart Accounting - Smart Accounting now works for solar system targets and works correctly for coronagraphy programs.
  6. Improved Pointing File - The precision of the RA and DEC reported in the File Export Pointing File (under File Export) has been increased and the Aperture Position Angle has been added (for NIRSpec only).
  7. Clearer Times File - A glossary has been added to the bottom of the Times File (under File Export).
  8. Coordinated parallel observing for NIRSpec - A capability has been added for NIRSpec MOS and NIRCam Imaging.
  9. Large changes to the NIRSpec MSA models - Changes to the distortion and geometric models mean that existing plans will no longer be valid and will need to be regenerated.
  10. NIRSpec target acquisitions - TA reference stars may now be selected in the MSA for FSS and IFU observations.