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What's New for Cycle 26 Phase I

The Cycle 26 release of APT contains the following changes you should be aware of for Phase I Programs:

  1. Updated Context Sensitive Help - When you click on a field name in APT you will be brought to the appropriate section of the newly reformatted Call For Proposals documentation.
  2. New central wavelengths for COS - COS/FUV has two new central wavelength settings: 800 (G140L) and 1533 (G160M).
  3. Investigator list in PDF Preview - This year the TAC will no longer see the investigator list in your proposal. To aid your team's review of your submission we have included the investigator list below the Observing Summary. This section will not be seen by the TAC.
  4. Warning on Small Proposals - When you begin entering your proposal information into APT you will see a warning about Small Proposals not being allowed in Cycle 26. This will go away once you have requested an allocation of 35 or more orbits, or coordinated time.