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How To Modify A Zope Web Page

(Karla is the curator, but Rob, Gary, and TonyR all have content provider privileges.)

  1. If you need a fast turn around on this change, give George Smyth a heads up.
  2. Navigate to the page you need to change in a web browser.
  3. Add ":8072" after ".edu" in the URL. (You will be editing in the development area.)
  4. Add "/manage" to the URL.
  5. You will be prompted for your Zope password.
  6. If you were on the main apt page when you added "/manage" you will need to navigate within the Zope interface to the particular part you need to change.
  7. If you don't know what file contains the text you want to change, use the Find tab at the top of the Zope interface.
    (The mostly likely places you would want to go are "content" which contains the release notes, and "apt-aside" which contains the release #.)
  8. Make the edit. If the edit is complicated you may need to cut and paste the file to your favorite text editor and back.
    (For instance there is no search capability within a file.)
  9. Click on "Save Changes".
    (You can use the "History" tab to find a previous version to revert to if you make a mistake.)
  10. If you need to create a new folder, file or image you can do this from the upper right hand corner of the screen.
    Select from the menu (like ST Image) and click "Add". You can also create items by copying and pasting existing items with the buttons at the bottom.
  11. More information on Zope is available on this CPT page or contact George Smyth if you have questions.
  12. E-mail (George Smyth or his back upLeigh McCuen) to get the change promoted to operations.

Note: Zoped pages have the form:

If the page that needs to be edited is of the form:

then the page is on the aten server at: