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HST Cycle 25 Scientific Justification Templates

September 24, 2015
Past HST Usage has been Removed from all Templates

The section Past HST Usage has been removed from all science justification templates. This information should NOT be included in your attachment.

These are the required templates to use for the HST Cycle 25 Archival Research (AR), General Observer (GO) and Snapshot (SNAP) Proposals. Submission templates for HST GO/DD and GO Mid-Cycle Proposals are also included.

General Information

If you are viewing this document from the browser in APT (The title bar will say "Astronomer's Proposal Tools Help") please go directly to the Science Templates webpage at in your normal web browser, as you will not be able to download these templates from the APT Java help browser.

We have created these templates to aid a Phase I Proposer to generate their PDF Scientific Justification. You may use any word processor that you wish as long as you maintain the Font and Size. We are using 12 pt Font and are providing templates in Microsoft Word, LaTeX and a PDF File.

Please be sure to read the Call for Proposals carefully especially Chapter 7 for Guidelines and a Checklist, Chapter 8 for APT, and Chapter 9 for your PDF attachment, before creating your Phase I submission.

Including PostScript Figures

If you need help on including PostScript figures, you may try postscript-guidelines for some guidance.

Creating the PDF Attachment

There are various ways to generate a PDF file depending upon your platform and word processing software. Please review How to Make a PDF File for some tips.
It is also possible to convert other formats, e.g., PostScript to PDF. Please check with your Systems Support Staff to see if they have tools available at your site.

In the past there have been some problems with how APT interacts with older versions of ps2pdf. If you use ps2pdf, you should try to use version 1.3, as previous versions have problem displaying Symbols and such when viewing from APT.

Please also see our Web Page that has information on the APT PDF Compatibility Issue at:

The following links can help you find a tool. These links are provided for information purposes only and are not an endorsement by the STScI and we don't assume any responsibility for these tools or their use.

Cycle 25 Templates

Templates for Phase I GO and SNAPshot Proposals
Templates for Phase I AR Proposals
Templates for Phase I GO/DD Proposals
Templates for Phase I GO Mid Cycle Proposals