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Cycle 22 Peer Review Guidelines

Medium GO Proposals: How are they Handled?

Medium GO Proposals are those requesting between 35 and 74 orbits. Continuing this cycle, they are being treated as a separate category of proposal with its own pool of orbits. We expect that between 8 and 12 such proposals will be recommended for approval by the TAC.

Each panel will rank the Medium GO Proposals alongside the Small Proposals based on scientific merit. Given the limited resources, and high proposal pressure especially in the medium category, we expect that on average less than one medium proposal per panel will be approved. Therefore, Chairs and co-chairs of mirror panels should discuss their selections as part of the normal cross-panel discussions, and bring forward a joint list of programs. The TAC will rank the Medium GO Proposals that have been promoted by the panels, taking into account the panel discussions, and will make the final recommendations for approval. To keep the workload on the TAC manageable, we suggest that mirror panels advance to the TAC about two proposals per panel.

In the event that a panel ranks a Medium GO Proposal so highly that it considers that Proposal essential to approve, the panel is free to use its Small-Proposal orbit allocation to devote to that Medium GO Proposal, without further approval by the TAC. This avoids the "double jeopardy" of the proposal having to be reviewed by both the panel and the TAC. However, this will substantially reduce the number of orbits available to other Small Proposals in the panel, so it is expected that this scenario will only apply in exceptional cases.