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Cycle 22 Peer Review Guidelines

Panel Support Staff Members

All Panels have been assigned one STScI staff member, called a Panel Support Staff (PSS) member. The PSS's provide support before and during the review (e.g., arrange for answers to technical questions, record grades, etc.), but do not take part in the discussions.

Panel STScI Support e-mail cell phone AIM/iChat Panel Room Panel Chair
TAC Brett Blacker 301-633-1770 Muller Boardroom Pat McCarthy
AGN1 Greg Snyder - Muller Cafecon
AGN2 Shelly Meyett - Muller 224
COS1 Molly Peeples -

Bloomberg 239

COS2 Rongmon Bordoloi -

Bloomberg 337

GAL1 Matteo Correnti - Muller G16H
GAL2 Amber Armstrong - Muller G17D
GAL3 Karla Peterson - Muller 112
PLANETS1 Tony Roman - Muller Boardroom
PLANETS2 Chris Moriarty - Muller S322
STARS1 Stacey Bright - Bloomberg 447
STARS2 Rebekah Hounsell - Bloomberg 511
STARS3 Andrea Bellini - Bloomberg 475
STPOPS1 Azalee Bostroem - Muller N310
STPOPS2 Laura Watkins - Bloomberg 235
PSS Help Lisa Frattare 410-852-7620 STScI Rm 117 -