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Cycle 24 Peer Review Guidelines

Review Assignments

Your primary and secondary reviewer assignments will be sent to you by email. You should receive your assignments no later than Monday May 02, 2016. If you have not heard from us by then, please contact us at:; or call Brett Blacker at: 410-338-1281. You have received all of the proposals being reviewed by your Panel and you have been assigned to review a subset of these. Each proposal is assigned one primary and one secondary reviewer. During the meeting the primary and secondary reviewer lead the initial discussion. The primary reviewer will start the discussion, and is also responsible for capturing relevant comments that come up during the discussion to formulate the proposer feedback.

In making the reviewer assignments, STScI makes an effort to avoid conflicts of interest. If nevertheless you discover any remaining conflicts, please inform your Panel Support Staff member (PSS) immediately, so that the proposal(s) in question may be reassigned. Please do not submit preliminary grades for any proposal on which you have a conflict. We ask reviewers to take a broad view of each proposal, with particular emphasis on the importance of the proposed science to astronomy as a whole. This does not necessarily require the reviewer to be an expert in the particular sub-field of the proposal. Indeed, the CP requests that proposals address a broad audience, commensurate with the scope of the Cycle 24 selection Panels. Nonetheless, in making the reviewer assignments, STScI takes into account the expertise of the reviewers.

Direct any questions about the scientific or technical feasibility of a proposal as well as scheduling or policy questions, to us at: We will forward your question to an appropriate expert and provide a response within two business days.