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Cycle 25 Peer Review Guidelines

Step-by-Step Details

See Web-Reviewer Guide

  1. Read all of the Documentation. Now thru Early May;
  2. Download your Proposal Package from the Web-Reviewer Tool as soon as possible;
  3. Check for Conflicts of Interest. Before May 6th;
  4. Declare any Conflicts to your PSS as soon as possible. Before May 9th.
  5. Review the proposals based upon Selection Criterion. Now thru May 31st.
  6. Submit your Preliminary Grades for your Review and Grading assignments, by Wednesday 5/31;
  7. Review the Triage list. June 2 - June 10.
  8. Read any proposals that are above the Triage line that you didn't already read and grade. June 2 - June 10.
  9. Read the TAC proposals assigned to your Panel, before the Meetings; these have been provided in a folder in the Download TAR.
  10. Travel to the review. June 10 & June 11.
  11. Review Meeting steps:
    1. Orientation Sunday June 11, 7:30pm
    2. Discuss Triage Proposals Monday Morning June 12
    3. Discuss and Grade all non-Triaged Proposals June 12 - June 13
    4. Rank Proposals June 13 - June 14
    5. Finalize Notification Comments June 14
    6. End of Panel Meetings June 14
    7. TAC Panel Meeting begins afternoon of June 14
    8. End of TAC Meeting late afternoon of June 16