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Cycle 21 Peer Review Guidelines

Pre-meeting Activities for the Panel Chairs

The TAC will review the Large, Treasury and AR Legacy proposals, as well as a few other proposals that request exceptionally large amounts of observatory resources. Panel Chairs are assigned to review proposals in the TAC and have no review assignments for their panel proposals. For the TAC proposals panel chairs are expected to perform the same tasks as described for the panelists: namely, provide preliminary grades. Those grades will be used for triage, as in the panel meetings.

Panel Chairs are not required to submit preliminary grades for proposals assigned to their panel. However, it is expected that they read and familiarize themselves with all of the proposals in their panel. Panel Chairs should also look over the reviewer assignments for their panel and bring to the attention of the PSS any possible conflicts or other problems. During the Panel meeting the Chair decides the order in which proposals are discussed. Therefore the Panel Chairs should prepare appropriate groupings before the meeting working with their PSS as needed.