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Past HST Program Information

Past Proposals

TAC Results from past proposal cycles:

Cycle 25 Approved Programs
Cycle 25 Abstract Catalog
Cycle 25 Exposure Catalog
Cycle 26 MidCycle March 2019 Approved Programs
Cycle 25 MidCycle May 2018 Approved Programs
Cycle 25 MidCycle and Europa November 2017 Approved Programs
Cycle 24 MidCycle March 2017 Approved Programs
Cycle 24 MidCycle November 2016 Approved Programs
Cycle 24 Approved Programs
Cycle 24 Abstract Catalog
Cycle 24 Exposure Catalog
Cycle 23 Mid Cycle Round 2 Approved Programs
Cycle 23 Mid Cycle Round 1 Approved Programs
Cycle 23 Approved Programs
Cycle 23 Abstract Catalog
Cycle 23 Exposure Catalog
Cycle 22 Approved Programs
Cycle 22 Abstract Catalog
Cycle 22 Exposure Catalog
Cycle 21 Approved Programs
Cycle 21 Abstract Catalog
Cycle 21 Exposure Catalog
Cycle 20 Approved Programs
Cycle 20 Abstract Catalog
Cycle 20 Exposure Catalog
Cycle 19 Approved Programs
Cycle 19 Abstract Catalog
Cycle 19 Exposure Catalog
Cycle 18 Approved Programs
Cycle 18 Abstract Catalog
Cycle 18 Exposure Catalog
Cycle 17 Approved Programs
Cycle 17 Abstract Catalog
Cycle 17 Exposure Catalog
Cycle 16 Supplemental Approved Programs
Cycle 16 Supplemental Abstract Catalog
Cycle 16 Supplemental Exposure Catalog
Cycle 16 Approved Programs
Cycle 16 Abstract Catalog
Cycle 16 Exposure Catalog
Cycle 15 Approved Programs
Cycle 15 Abstract Catalog
Cycle 15 Exposure Catalog
Cycle 14 Approved Programs
Cycle 14 Abstract Catalog
Cycle 14 Exposure Catalog
Cycle 13 Approved Programs
Cycle 13 Abstract Catalog
Cycle 13 Exposure Catalog

Note that the Cycle 13 lists have not been updated to reflect the loss of STIS and the replacement proposals. For accurate lists, please use the link to the Archive Lists above.

Cycle 12 Approved Programs
Cycle 12 Abstract Catalog
Cycle 12 Exposure Catalog
Cycle 11 Approved Pgms
Cycle 11 Abstract Catalog
Cycle 11 Exposure Catalog
Cycle 10 Approved Program
Cycle 10 Abstract Catalog
Cycle 10 Exposure Catalog
Cycle 9 Approved Program
Cycle 9 Abstract Catalog
Cycle 9 Exposure Catalog
Cycle 8
Cycle 7
Cycle 7-NICMOS
Cycle 6 These catalogs are all generated from the submitted Phase I proposals. You need to use ADOBE 7.0 or higher to read them. The official Phase II Catalogs are maintained at the Archive website and are created after Phase II submission. You can find the Abstracts, Titles and Planned and Archived Exposure Catalogs at

Release Documents

    The Call for Proposals describes the policies and procedures for submitting a HST Phase I proposal. Go to the CP.

    The Primer provides an introductory overview of the Hubble Space Telescope and explains how to calculate the appropriate number of orbits for an observing proposal. Go to the Primer.

    Science Justification Templates for Cycle 27 HST Phase I

  • Full Set of HST Documentation

HST Phase I Roadmap

    The Roadmap is a step-by-step guide to proposing and submitting an HST proposal. Download APT here.

DD Time

Up to 10% of the available HST observing time may be reserved for Director's Discretionary (DD) allocation.

Mid-Cycle Proposals

Up to 200 orbits per cycle will be available for Mid-Cycle GO programs. Mid-Cycle programs were initiated in Cycle 23 to provide the community with an opportunity to propose for in-cycle observations of recently-discovered, non-variable objects. As such, they complement Director’s Discretionary programs, which target unexpected transient phenomena and time-critical observations..

Special Programs from Past Cycles

Status of Current and Past Programs:

Past Proposal Opportunities