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A plan for verification and preliminary calibration during SMOV4 of a repaired STIS is currently being developed. It is expected that the SMOV4 plan for STIS will focus on ensuring that observers can obtain data of sufficient quality to meet their scientific goals. Some of the more time consuming calibration observations that will not affect the planning of observations and which can be applied retroactively, (e.g., high signal-to-noise pixel-to-pixel flats and high precision sensitivity determinations for all central wavelength settings), will be deferred until after the end of SMOV, and will be included in the Cycle 17 calibration plan. As a result the initial calibration precision for STIS data products delivered early in Cycle 17 may be significantly less than that which will ultimately be obtainable when the final calibration reference files become available for those observations. Significant updates to the calibration will be announced on the STIS web page and reported in STIS Space Telescope Analysis Newsletters (STANS).

A detailed list of Phase II proposal numbers and titles is now available for STIS SMOV4 activities see the table of activities given below.

Prog Summary Program Title PI
11346 STIS-01 Modes and Data Interface Checks Welty
11347 STIS-02 Memory Load and Dump Welty
11348 STIS-03 Science Data Buffer Check with Self-Test Welty
11349 STIS-04 Mechanism Mini-Functional Wheeler
11350 STIS-17 FUV MAMA HV Recovery Wheeler
11351 STIS-18 NUV MAMA HV Recovery Wheeler
11382 STIS-06 STIS CCD Functional Kaiser
11383 STIS-08 STIS Aperture Wheel and Lamp Functional Tests Kaiser
11384 STIS-09 STIS to FGS Alignment Proffitt
11385 STIS-10 CCD Optical Format Verification Proffitt
11386 STIS-11 STIS External Focus Check Proffitt
11387 STIS-12 STIS Corrector and Focus Alignment Contingency Proffitt
11388 STIS-13 CCD Spectroscopic Image Quality and ACQ Tests Gull
11389 STIS-16 CCD Image and Pointing Stability Gull
11390 STIS-19 FUV Dark Measure Proffitt
11391 STIS-21 FUV MAMA Optical Format Verification Proffitt
11392 STIS-22 NUV MAMA Optical Format Verification Proffitt
11393 STIS-23 FUV MAMA Spectroscopic Image Quality Gull
11394 STIS-24 NUV MAMA Spectroscopic Image Quality Gull
11395 STIS-26 MAMA Image Stability Gull
11399 STIS-05 CCD Anneal Kaiser
11400 STIS-14 STIS CCD CTI Check Kaiser
11401 STIS-15 CCD Spectroscopic Throughputs Kaiser
11402 STIS-20 NUV Dark Monitor Proffitt
11403 STIS-25 MAMA Spectroscopic Throughputs Kaiser
11404 STIS-07 STIS CCD Bias and Dark Monitor Kaiser