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ACTIVITY TITLE: Mechanism Mini-Functional



DESCRIPTION: All STIS mechanisms, with the exception of the corrector, will be initialized and then commanded through the full range of previous on-orbit motion to redistribute lubricant and verify operability. Normal engineering telemetry (5 samples of the mechanism's position) will be used to verify the commanded movements. The sequence is:

Initialize all mechanisms

External Shutter: Open and Close

EMC Mechanisms:
     a)	Move calibration insert mechanism to Remove and Insert positions.
     b)	Move echelle blocker to Block1 and Block2 positions
     c)	Move Mode Isolation Shutter to Open and Close positions

Mode Select Mechanism:  Move MSM to these positions.
Optic     Lambda      Cylinder 1 Position
X140H     1487           10 
E230H     2563           2562 
X230H     2511           5734 

Optic     Lambda      Cylinder 3 Position
E230H     2013           30 
E140H     1598           2589          Four moves are required to avoid 
E230H     2812           3170          the "stop zone" 
E230H     2063           5749 

Optic     Lambda      Cylinder 4 Position 
G750M     7795           5 
G230M     1769           2788 
E230H     1763           5699 

Stilt Wheel Mechanism: Move slit wheel from the home position, F28X50LP, through the sequences of slits S330X050, S31X050C, and back to F28X50LP. This provides a full range of motion around the Slit Wheel Avoidance Zone.

CCD Shutter Mechanism: Move CCD Shutter through two open and close cycles


DEPENDENCIES: To be done after STIS-02 and STIS-03 have been completed.

DURATION: 3600 s (one full internal orbit)

DATA REQUIREMENTS: No science data to SSR; engineering telemetry only.

ANALYSES & EXPECTED RESULTS: The telemetry and diagnostic data will be examined (voltages, currents, temperatures, motor status and position data) for agreement with predicted values and previous ground and on-orbit test data.


AUTHOR/telephone/email: Thomas Wheeler/410-338-4337/

DATE: 09/27/07