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Instrument Handbook

The Instrument Handbook (PDF) is the primary guide to the characteristics and use of the instrument.

Data Handbook

The HST Data Handbook is the primary reference for data format and analysis information.

MultiDrizzle Handbook

The HST MultiDrizzle Handbook is the primary reference for combining HST images. A real-world example of drizzling STIS data is given in Chapter 6.5

Instrument Science Reports (ISRs)

ISRs are technical reports written by the Spectrographs Group staff about various aspects of the instrument and data. They usually contain in-depth information about a specific topic.

ST-ECF Documentation

Documents from the ST-ECF calibration effort.

Newsletters (STANs)

Space Telescope Analysis Newsletters (STANs) are sent to observers via email, whenever there is news that may affect observation planning or analysis.

Information Brochure

The STIS Information Brochure contains an overview of the instrument's capabilities (PDF).

Meeting Presentations

STIS posters presented at different astronomical and technical meetings.

Calibration Workshops

The 1997, 2002, and 2005 workshop presentations included a variety of STIS-related subjects ranging from its commissioning and characterization to the most recent advances in data calibration.

IDT Reports

IDT pre- and post- launch reports are no longer available from Goddard's STIS site. However, they can be found on central storage in the folder "/grp/hst/stis/web/documents/idt"

SER and CEI Reports

Search interface for these NASA reports (No longer available).

Document Request

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