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Hubble Space Telescope
Calibration Workshop 2002

Coronagraphic Imaging with HST and STIS
C. Grady 18 Oct 2002 (pdf)

Correcting STIS CCD Photometry for CTE Loss
P. Goudfrooij 18 Oct 2002 (pdf)

FOS Post-Operational Archive and STIS Calibration Enhancement
M. Rosa 18 Oct 2002 (pdf)

STIS Calibration Status
C. Proffitt 18 Oct 2002 (pdf)

STIS Echelle Blaze Shift Correction
C. Bowers 18 Oct 2002 (pdf)

STIS Flux Calibration
R. Bohlin 18 Oct 2002 (pdf)

The STIS CCD Spectroscopic Line Spread Functions
T. Gull 18 Oct 2002 (pdf)

The Proceedings contain the papers for the talks listed above as well as the poster papers presented at the workshop.