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STAN - March 2002

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March, 2002

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This month:

The STIS team is in the process of preparing the Cycle 11 Calibration Program. The basis of our plan will be the current (Cycle 10) calibration program.

We plan to pursue the current (cycle 10) suite of monitoring calibrations that are used to provide up-to-date calibration reference files. In addition, a small number of orbits will be available for other, perhaps more specific, calibrations.

We hereby invite the HST user community to provide any suggestions for additional STIS calibrations that are currently unavailable or inadequate, and can be expected to serve a significant fraction of STIS users (say of order 10% or higher). Suggestions for changes to the ongoing Cycle 10 STIS calibration program are also welcome. Please refer to the STIS Instrument Handbook for information regarding the supported observing modes of STIS.

Suggestions for calibration programs (which should include estimates of the necessary exposure times and the total number of orbits needed) will be accepted until April 15th. Please send your suggestions to Charles Proffitt ( .

While your suggestion(s) will be carefully considered against other necessary calibrations, the STIS team cannot promise that your suggested calibration(s) will end up in the final Cycle 11 calibration program. In such cases, be aware that there will be an opportunity to submit Calibration Outsourcing proposals within the Cycle 12 GO program.


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