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STAN - May 2002

| HST Spectroscopy
| STScI Analysis Newsletter
| May 2002
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New STIS Target Acquisition Checking Procedure

As of May 9th, manual checks of STIS target acquisitions are
no longer being performed on a daily basis. ACQ and ACQ/PEAK
data will now be reviewed monthly, and the PI or designated
contact will receive a warning by email at that time if there
appear to be problems with the acquisition.

New version of "daydark" script available

We have updated the IRAF/STSDAS task "daydark", which is
available in the stsdas.hst_calib.stis package to create CCD
dark reference files with a "daily" update of the hot pixels.
We have made the new script available immediately through the
STIS web pages, and it will be part of the upcoming STSDAS

The 2002 HST Calibration Workshop

The 2002 HST Calibration Workshop will be held on October 17
and 18 at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore,
Maryland. The program will include invited oral talks,
posters, and splinter sessions for current and retired HST
instruments. All observers who have new ideas to contribute
regarding the calibration of HST instruments are encouraged
to present their work.

How to add the "Proposed Aperture" name field to the StarView request form

For a number of STIS apertures, it is possible to specify 
aperture names in the phase 2 proposal which put the target
at different places within the same physical aperture. 
However, the value of the "Aperture" field in the STScI
archive databases is always set to be the name of the
*physical* aperture used. E.g., observations that specified
52X2E1 in the phase 2 proposal will still be listed in the 
archive as having used the 52X2 aperture. Learn how to 
perform a search in StarView for data which have a proposed
aperture different from the physical aperture.

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