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STAN - March 2003

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| March 2003
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Cycle 12 Phase 2 update for STIS

STIS has been operating with some significant changes in its
performance since the release of the STIS Instrument Handbook
(IHB) version 6.0 (October 2002). This update provides the
latest information regarding STIS performance and policies
which are relevant to the preparation of Cycle 12 Phase 2

The items presented here include:

-0.2X0.2 Aperture Supported for all First Order Spectra
-New STIS Aperture Locations
-Correcting for Charge Transfer Inefficiency of the STIS CCD
-Updates to the STIS Exposure Time Calculators

The STScI Helpdesk Software restrictions

The helpdesk software used to provide support for HST users 
has limitations which can affect or delay the communication 
between a user and STScI. Please be aware that email 
attachments cannot be handled at all by the current software.
There is also a size limit for email messages of 64 KB, 
above which messages can get lost. If you have a question 
for which relevant plots or image files would help us 
understand your problem, please let us know in your original
request. You will then receive instructions on the best way 
to make those files available to us.

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