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STAN - October 2003

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| October 2003
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CALSTIS V2.15b Release Notes

A new version of CALSTIS has been released within the latest 
release of STSDAS v3.1. A number of improvements and bug 
fixes have been made since the previous STSDAS release
(3.0). Important note: The OTFR pipeline, which delivers 
calibrated data from the MAST archive, is still running 
CALSTIS 2.14c. It may be several months before CALSTIS 2.15b
is implemented in OTFR. In the meantime, users wishing to 
utilize the improvements in CALSTIS 2.15b will have to 
recalibrate their data locally using the version released 
with the STSDAS software.

Additions/updates to STIS package tasks in STSDAS v3.1

A new python task, stisnoise, has been added to the STIS 
package. Four other tasks in the package have been updated:
doppinfo, tastis, odelaytime, and inttag. 

New geometric-distortion solution for the STIS NUV-MAMA

A new geometric distortion solution for NUV-MAMA images has
been derived that is significantly more accurate than 
previous solutions.

STIS Instrument Handbook for Cycle 13

In coordination with the recent release of the Call for 
Proposals for Cycle 13, the STIS Instrument Handbook (IHB) 
for Cycle 13 has been released. We highly recommend 
potential STIS observers who contemplate proposing for STIS
time in Cycle 13 to check out Chapter 2, which highlights 
the most significant changes and updates for Cycle 13. 

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