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STAN - April 2004

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| April 2004
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Cycle 13 Phase II Update for STIS

The Phase II Update provides the latest information
regarding STIS performance and policies which are relevant
for the preparation of Cycle 13 Phase II proposals. 

The items presented here include:

-New versions of STIS Exposure Time Calculators
-New aperture locations
-Supported and Available ACQ/PEAK modes

Updates to MAMA Distortion Corrections

Significant changes that have been made to the IDCTAB files
for MAMA imaging are described; a warning is given to users
who retrieved NUV MAMA imaging data from the archive between
2004-Mar-31 and 2004-Apr-06.

New Time-Dependent Sensitivity Corrections

Recent updates to the calibration of time-dependent changes
in STIS sensitivity, and the implementation of the
corrections for these changes in SYNPHOT and the HST
calibration pipeline, are described.

CALSTIS recent releases

CALSTIS 2.16 was released on 2004-Feb-26 within the STSDAS
v3.2 release. Note that the latest version of CALSTIS in the
OTFR pipeline is 2.15b, which was installed in the OTFR
pipeline on 2003-Dec-16. Please refer to the 2.16 and 2.15b
release notes for details on the improvements included in
each release.

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