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STAN - December 2004

| HST Spectroscopy
| STScI Analysis Newsletter
| December 2004
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-Update on STIS Situation

-Calibration Close-out Highlights

-Doppler Correction Errors

-Cross-dispersion Plate Scale Corrections

-CALSTIS V2.17 Release Notes

-Support for STIS Imaging Data in Multidrizzle

-Recently published Instrument Science Reports (ISRs)

-Fix for CALHRS flux error

Update on STIS Situation

We provide an update on the current status of STIS 
operations and future plans for the instrument.

Calibration Close-out Highlights

Over the next 1-2 years we hope to make a number of 
improvements to the STIS calibration software and reference
files, with the goal of generating a "final" calibration of
as many STIS observing modes as possible. We invite the user
community to send suggestions on calibration improvements.

Doppler Correction Errors

We report on two errors in the Doppler correction, one that
affected MAMA TIME-TAG data files retrieved before
2004-Apr-21, and an older error that affected MAMA E140M
data taken prior to 2000-Mar-01.

Cross-dispersion Plate Scale Corrections

The cross-dispersion plate scale values used in the OTFR
pipeline were initially set using pre-launch estimates. 
These values have recently been updated with more accurate
values determined using on-orbit data.

CALSTIS V2.17 Release Notes

CALSTIS 2.17 was released on 2004-Nov-11 in the new STSDAS
release, Version 3.3. It is anticipated that this version of
CALSTIS will be implemented in the OTFR pipeline as part of
OPUS build 15.5 in 2005-January. Important note: An error in
the final build of the STSDAS 3.3 package caused several 
IRAF scripts for the fringe-flat tasks in the STIS package
to be corrupted. The corrected versions of these scripts and
instructions for installing them have been made available.

Support for STIS Imaging Data in Multidrizzle

A new version of Multidrizzle was included in the release of
STSDAS V3.3. Multidrizzle creates cosmic-ray cleaned,
geometric distortion corrected mosaics from multiple input
images. Limited testing has been done for the application of
Multidrizzle to STIS imaging data. Users should check the
instrument-specific notes on the use of Multidrizzle. 

Recently published Instrument Science Reports (ISRs)

ISR 2004-06: STIS Cycle 10 Calibration Close-out Report

ISR 2004-05: STIS CCD Imaging Throughputs

ISR 2004-04: Time-Dependent Sensitivity of the CCD and MAMA
First-Order Modes

ISR 2004-03: Full-field Sensitivity of STIS CCD Imaging and
its Temporal Dependence

Fix for CALHRS flux error

A fix for certain CALHRS flux calibration errors is included
in the release of STSDAS V3.3.

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