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STAN - October/November 2006

| HST Spectroscopy
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| October/November 2006
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-New Post-Analysis Tasks Available

-New Reference File Deliveries

-Echelle Flux Calibration Improvements

-CALSTIS Updates V2.22 and V2.23

-Uniform Recalibration of All STIS Data

-Recently Published Instrument Science Reports (ISRs)


New Post-Analysis Tasks Available

Several new IRAF/STSDAS tasks have been made available to 
provide corrections for CTE loss and spectral traces, and to
provide a new interpolation algorithm for the 2-D 
rectification of spectral images. These tasks will be 
included in the STIS package in the upcoming fall STSDAS 

New Reference File Deliveries

A number of new STIS calibration reference files have 
recently been delivered as part of the STIS calibration 
closeout effort. The calibration improvements resulting from
these deliveries include better flux calibration, improved 
location and alignment of spectral traces, and updates to 
the STIS MAMA detector darks.

Echelle Flux Calibration Improvements

On 2006-Nov-03 new photometric throughput (pht) reference 
files were delivered that provide significant improvements 
to the absolute flux calibration for 1-D extractions of STIS
echelle high- and medium-resolution modes. These 
improvements include on-orbit revised sensitivities for all
prime and secondary wavelength settings and updated 
coefficients for the blaze shift corrections applied to the
prime settings. Blaze shift corrections are now also 
included for the first time for the secondary settings. 

CALSTIS Updates V2.22 and V2.23

CALSTIS V2.22 is currently in use in OTFR. CALSTIS V2.23 
will be included as part of the release of STSDAS 3.6. Some 
of the changes include improved calibration of echelle blaze 
function shifts and correction of spectral traces for 
rotation of the trace position on the detector.

Uniform Recalibration of All STIS Data

We describe the current status of plans to recalibrate all 
STIS data obtained prior to the STIS Side 2 failure on 

Recently Published Instrument Science Reports (ISRs)

ISR 2006-04: Sensitivity of STIS First-Order Medium
Resolution Modes

ISR 2006-03: A new CTE Correction Algorithm for Point Source
Spectroscopy with the STIS CCD: Correcting for charge trap
filling by the 'red halo' of the CCD Point Spread Function
redward of 8000 A

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