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TIR 2014-01: Characterization of the STIS NUV MAMA Vignetting by Optical Element

This document describes the process used to generate a new bad pixel table for the STIS NUV MAMA that includes the vignetted corners. This bad pixel table differs from previous tables as it defines bad pixels by optical element in the new OPT_ELEM column.
K. Hart 24 Jul 2014

TIR 2013-03: Time-Dependent Sensitivity Analysis of the STIS Long-Slit Spectral Modes

We describe a segmented line model for parameterizing the timedependent sensitivity and present a method for automatically determining the number of line segments needed to fit the data. We also present a Python script to perform this fit.
S. T. Holland 03 Apr 2014


TIR 2013-02: Revised version of the python code for the creation of STIS CCD P-flats

This TIR summarizes most of the modi cations applied to the existing python code: (Niemi 2010). The document also summarizes the results obtained from the analysis of past data and the recommendations for the future STIS CCD at monitoring programs.
E. Mason 11 Nov 2013

TIR 2013-01: STIS NUV MAMA flats monitoring report

We analyze the STIS NUV MAMA flats collected during cycles 11, 17 and 19. The data collected within each cycles are normalized in a p-flat following two different methods. The two methods are compared and discussed. The evolution of the p-flat with time is presented, too, confirming the trend already reported by Brown et al. (2002).
E. Mason 14 Feb 2013


TIR 1999-02 STIS Coordinate System Orientation and Transformations

This report presents the definitions and relationships between the various coordinate frames used with STIS.
G. Hartig 29 Mar 2001