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Software for analyzing STIS data

Requests for STIS data from the HST Archive always return data reprocessed with the current version of CALSTIS and the best available reference files (see OTFR). In many cases, it is easier to let the archive pipeline reprocess data for you. If standard pipeline processing is inadequate, however, CALSTIS may be downloaded and run locally.

STSDAS is an IRAF package that includes CALSTIS, which is used to process STIS data. A history of modifications to CALSTIS is available. For general help with STSDAS tasks, visit the STSDAS Help Pages.

The IDL package MULTISPEC can be used to extract multiple point-source spectra from slitless spectroscopic data. Here the MULTISPEC Handbook

STIS point spread function (PSF) images may be downloaded from a PSF Library, based on target color, HST focus, STIS filter, detector, and position on the detector.

Additional STIS specific IRAF scripts supplement the intrinsic capabilities of CALSTIS.

IRAF scripts and software