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HST Proposal Lifecycle Training Series

Session I: Phase I Proposal Processing, B. Blacker, 10/2/03

This talk outlines the current HST Peer review process, who we are and how we do our jobs. It also discusses why and how we have evolved over time and where we might be heading in the future.

Session II: Phase II Processing and the Long Range Plan, D. Taylor and P. Royle, 10/9/03

Denise Taylor discusses Phase II processing and the process PCs work through and the tools they use to implement observations on HST, as they overcome spacecraft and scientific constraints in planning. Patricia Royle discusses the job of the Long Range Planning Group and their quest to ensure calendar builders have enough suitable candidates available to build an efficient calendar and keep execution rates high without leaving future calendars over- or under-subscribed.

Session III: Pre-Observation INS Activities and Weekly Schedules and Command Loads, D. Karakla and D. Adler, 10/23/03

Diane Karakla discusses the role of INS in Phase I and Phase II proposal processing. She also discusses the INS responsibilities regarding software testing, Helpdesk managing and documentation. David Adler discusses the creation and management of weekly flight calendars and command loads for HST.

Session IV: Science Data Processing/ Data Ingest and the HST Pointing Processes, D. Fraquelli and R. Doxsey, 11/13/03

Dorothy discusses how science and engineering data are recieved and processed at STScI using "OPUS" pipelines. Rodger sill provide an overview on how HST is pointed at astrometrical targets.

Session V: Command and Data Handling, and Interacting with HST Real Time, R. Doxsey and G. Barbehenn, 11/18/03

Rodger describes the general roles fo the on-board computers and processes involved in execution of the stored command loads, generated by the scheduling system and uplinked by the Flight Operations Team. George discusses the organization, operations, and mission of the Flight Operations Branch including the day-to-day activities of the group.

Session VIa: INS Post-Observation Activities, W. Sparks, 12/17/03

In this presentation, Bill Sparks will discuss the post-observation calibration activities performed by the INS division.

Session VIb: HST Data Archive and Data Distribution, H. Kennedy, 1/14/04

In this presentation, Herb Kennedy discusses a discription and overview of the HST Archive, including a description of data flow, ingest and distribution pipelines and how they work.

Session VII: How the Grants Process Works, and The Role That OPO Plays, E. Wagner and I. Griffin, 1/21/04

In this presentation, Elyse provides an overview of the grants administration process from "cradle to grave". This includes budget submissions, Financial Review Committee (FRC) process, Director's approvals and notifications, grant awards and supplements, grant requirements, and closeouts. Ian describes the activities which OPO perform, as well as the the process by which scientific data are turned into material which can be shared with the public. He previews an amazing new 3 minute IMAX film of Hubble data--coming soon to a theater near you!