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The Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) is a fourth-generation UVIS/IR imager aboard the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). WFC3 was installed in May 2009 during HST servicing mission 4, and replaces the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2).

WFC3 Status

The UVIS and IR Channels are operating nominally.

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Late Breaking News from the Last 45 Days

Please note that the default aperture radius for WFC3/UVIS is 0.4 arcsec (90% of encircled energy). For 80% of encircled energy, use an aperture with radius 0.2 arcsec, comparable to the ACS default.

Quick-Start Advice to Run Reverse Correction for CTE now available here: CTE Tools

WFC3 Throughput are now available as text files: Throughput Tables

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Documents added in the last 45 days

WFC3 STAN - Issue 19, October 2014
1 WFC3 Celebrates its 5 Year Anniversary
2 Newly Improved and Updated WFC3/UVIS Distortion Reference Files
3 Using the Quad Filters with WFC3/UVIS
4 WFC3 Talks and Posters Presented at 2014 Calibration Workshop
5 New Documentation
WFC3 08 Oct 2014

ISR 2014-20: Update on the WFC3/UVIS Stability and Contamination Monitor
The photometric throughput of WFC3 is measured periodically throughout the year to evaluate its stability as a function of time and wavelength, as well as to check for the presence of possible contaminants in the UVIS channel. These monitoring data consist of observa- tions of the white dwarf spectrophotometric standard GRW+70d5824, taken in a subset of key filters covering 200-600 nm, with F606W and F814W acting as controls on the red end. Here we analyze the observations from 2009 to mid-2014. No contamination effects have been detected, though small photometric drifts are evident: a slight increase in throughput in the UV filters (?0.1%/year) and slight decreases in throughput in red and visible filters (?0.2%/year and 0.4%/year, respectively).
C. M. Gosmeyer, S. Baggett, S. Deustua, D.M. Hammer 10 Sep 2014 (pdf)

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