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Cycle 21 Calibration

11/2013 - 10/2014 (12 months)

During Cycle 21 the WFC3 team will carry on an extended calibration program designed to measure and monitor the behavior of both the UVIS and IR channels of WFC3 and to provide the best calibration data for the approved scientific programs.

Detailed descriptions of the Phase I WFC3 Cycle 21 calibration proposals.

Listing of the Cycle 21 programs.
Program ID Description
13554 UVIS Anneal
13555 UVIS Bowtie Monitor
13556 UVIS CCD Daily Monitor A
13557 UVIS CCD Daily Monitor B
13558 UVIS CCD Daily Monitor C
13559 UVIS CCD un-flashed Monitor
13560 UVIS post-flash Monitor
13561 UVIS CCD Gain Stability
13562 IR Dark Monitor
13563 IR Linearity Monitor
13564 IR Gain Monitor
13565 UVIS CTI Monitor (EPER)
13566 UVIS CTE Monitor (star cluster)
13567 CTE Characterization with post-flashed Darks
13568 Charatcerizatopm of the charge-level Dependence of CTE Losses
13569 Characterization of UVIS Traps with CI
13570 UVIS & IR Geometric Distortion
13571 High Precision Astrometry
13572 IR Persistence Model Tests
13573 Trapping Mitigation in Spatial Scan Observations of Exosolar Planets
13574 WFC3 Contamination & Stability Monitor
13575 WFC3 UVIS & IR Photometry
13576 IR Grisms: Cross Check Sensitivity Function of Hot and Cool Stars
13577 UVIS Grisms: Flux Calibration
13578 UVIS Grisms: Wavelength Calibration
13579 IR Grisms: Flux Calibration
13580 IR Grisms: Wavelength Calibration
13581 IR Grisms: Sky Characterization
13582 Calibration of the IR Grism Wavelength ZPs
13583 UV Flats Spatial Scan
13584 UV Flat Field Validation
13585 CCD Anomalous QE Pixels
13586 UVIS Internal Flats
13587 IR Internal Flats
13588 CSM Monitor with Earth Flats