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Cycle 23 Calibration

11/2015 - 10/2016 (12 months)

During Cycle 23 the WFC3 team will carry on an extended calibration program designed to measure and monitor the behavior of both the UVIS and IR channels of WFC3 and to provide the best calibration data for the approved scientific programs.

Calibration program slides

Listing of the Cycle 23 programs.
Program ID Description
14366 WFC3 UVIS Anneal
14367 UVIS Bowtie Monitor
14368 WFC3 UVIS Daily Monitor A
14369 WFC3 UVIS Daily Monitor B
14370 WFC3 UVIS Daily Monitor C
14371 WFC3 UVIS Unflashed Monitor
14372 UVIS post-flash monitor
14373 WFC3 UVIS CCD Gain Stability
14374 IR Dark Monitor
14375 WFC3 IR Linearity Monitor
14376 WFC3 IR Gain Monitor
14377 UVIS CTI Monitor (EPER)
14378 WFC3 UVIS CTE Monitor (Star cluster)
14379 WFC3 UVIS Traps with CI
14380 WFC3 IR Persistence: Amplitude Variations
14381 WFC3 IR Persistence: Improve the Position Dependent Model
14382 WFC3/UVIS contamination and stability monitor
14383 WFC3 UVIS Shutter Characterization
14384 WFC3 UVIS & IR Photometry Zero Points
14385 IR grisms: wavelength calibration
14386 IR grisms: trace and flux calibration
14387 WFC3 UVIS Grism wavelength Calibration Stability
14388 WFC3 -First Grism Order Calibration in IR Grisms
14389 WFC3 UVIS Pixel variations via int-flat monitor
14390 UVIS Internal flats
14391 IR internal flats
14392 WFC3 CSM monitor Earth Flats
14393 WFC3 Astrometric Calibration of all remaining UVIS filters
14394 WFC3 Time Dependence of X-CTE & Astrometry