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Servicing Mission Orbital Verification (SMOV) will take place shortly after the installation of WFC3 on HST during Servicing Mission 4. Below is a list of the planned tests to be executed to verify the performance of the instrument.

Program ID Description
11357 Load and Dump On-Board Memory
11358 Science Data Buffer Check
11419 UVIS Detector Functional Test
11420 IR Detector Functional Test
11421 Channel Select Mechanism Test
11422 SOFA Test
11423 IR FSM Test
11424 UVIS Initial Alignment
11425 IR Initial Alignment
11426 UVIS SMOV Contamination Monitor
11427 UVIS Shutter Test
11428 D2 Calibration Lamp Test
11431 UVIS Hot Pixel Anneal
11432 UVIS Internal Flats
11433 IR Internal Flats
11434 UVIS Fine Alignment
11435 IR Fine Alignment
11436 UVIS Image Quality
11437 IR Image Quality
11438 UVIS PSF Wings
11439 IR PSF Wings
11440 UVIS Pointing Stability
11441 IR Pointing Stability
11442 FGS-UVIS Alignment
11443 FGS-IR Alignment
11444 UVIS Plate Scale
11445 IR Plate Scale
11446 UVIS Dark Current, Noise, Background
11447 IR Dark Current, Noise, Background
11448 UVIS SAA Passage
11449 IR SAA Passage
11450 UVIS Photometric Zero Points
11451 IR Photometric Zero Points
11452 UVIS Flat Field Uniformity
11453 IR Flat Field Uniformity
11454 Activation Test
11529 UVIS Tungsten Lamp Cross Check
11543 IR Tungsten Lamp Cross Check
11549 UVIS and IR Pointing Stability
11552 Characterization of the WFC3 IR Grisms
11798 UVIS PSF Core Modulation
11808 UVIS Bowtie Monitor