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Side Switch SMOV

WFC3 Side Switch Servicing Mission Orbital Verification (SS SMOV) is a contingency plan for a WFC3 re-commissioning on Side 1, following a side switch.

Detailed descriptions of the SS SMOV activities..

Listing of the SS SMOV activities.
Program ID Description
13200 WFC3 SS Activation Test
13201 WFC3 SS Science Data Buffer
13202 WFC3 SS UVIS Detector Functional
13203 WFC3 SS IR Detector Functional
13204 WFC3 SS CSM Test
13205 WFC3 SS UVIS SOFA Test
13206 WFC3 SS UVIS Spare Tungsten Lamp
13207 WFC3 SS IR FSM Test
13208 WFC3 SS IR Spare Tungsten Lamp
13209 WFC3 SS UVIS Contamination Monitor
13210 WFC3 SS UVIS Shutter Test
13211 WFC3 SS D2 Cal Lamp Test
13212 WFC3 SS UVIS Internal Flats
13213 WFC3 SS IR Internal Flats
13214 WFC3 SS UVIS Image Quality
13215 WFC3 SS IR Image Quality
13216 WFC3 SS UVIS PSF Wings
13217 WFC3 SS IR PSF Wings
13218 WFC3 SS FGS-UVIS Update
13219 WFC3 SS FGS-IR Update
13220 WFC3 SS UVIS Phot Zero Points
13221 WFC3 SS IR Phot Zero Points
13222 WFC3 SS UVIS Flat Fields Uniformity
13223 WFC3 SS IR Flat Field Uniformity
13224 WFC3 SS UVIS PSF Core Modulation
13225 WFC3 SS Post Flash Check
13226 WFC3 SS UVIS Fine Alignment
13227 WFC3 SS IR Fine Alignment