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WFC3 Documents

WFC3 Documents

Hubble Space Telescope Information Booklet The observatory information brochure contains an overview of HST's capabilities.
Instrument Handbook The Instrument Handbook is the primary guide to the characteristics and use of the instrument.
Data Handbook v2.1 The Data Handbook is the primary reference for data format and analysis information for HST and WFC3 products.A short version containing only WFC3 information is available in PDF format.
DrizzlePac Handbook The latest DrizzlePac Handbook is the primary resource for the newly released DrizzlePac software package, the new way to combine dithered observations.
MultiDrizzle Handbook The latest MultiDrizzle Handbook is the best primary resource for learning about using MultiDrizzle and making the most of its most-recently added capabilities and functionality.
Instrument Science Reports ISRs are technical reports written by the WFC3 Group staff about various aspects of the instrument and data. They usually contain indepth information about a specific topic.
Newsletters (STANs) Space Telescope Analysis Newsletters (STANs) are sent to observers via email whenever there is news that may affect observation planning or analysis.
Advisories WFC3 Advisories
Other WFC3 Documents This page provides links to other WFC3 documents such as AAS posters and presentations, conference proceedings, published papers, and other technical papers.

You can request a paper copy of any document if you need one and can't print it out yourself from our website. Be sure to give us an email address and a postal address so we can be sure that the requested documents reach you.

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