Space Telescope Science Institute
WFC3 Data Handbook 2.1 May 2011
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WFC3 Data Handbook > Acknowledgments

Former Science IPT Members
Wayne Baggett
Howard Bond
Tom Brown
Laura Cawley
Ed Cheng (GSFC, now Conceptual Analytics)
Ilana Dashevsky
Don Figer
Mauro Giavalisco
Shireen Gonzaga
Christopher Hanley
George Hartig
Ron Henry
Pat Knezek
Ray Kutina
Casey Lisse
Olivia Lupie
Peter McCullough
Jessica Kim Quijano
Neill Reid
Massimo Robberto
Michael Robinson
Megan Sosey
Massimo Stiavelli
The editor would like to thank the Senior Technical Editor, Susan Rose, for her invaluable contributions to the editing and production of this Data Handbook.

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