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WFC3 Data Handbook 2.1 May 2011
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Handbook Structure
The WFC3 Data Handbook is organized in seven chapters, which discuss the following topics:
Chapter 1 - WFC3 Overview is a brief summary of the capabilities and design of the Wide Field Camera 3.
Chapter 2 - WFC3 Data Structure describes WFC3 data products as would be obtained from the HDA, file name conventions, and auxiliary files. The structure of WFC3 images is explained, and an extensive list of all the header keywords found in typical WFC3 data files is included.
Chapter 3 - WFC3 Data Calibration explains the flow of calibration steps performed on WFC3 data with the STScI software calwf3. It provides detailed information on what each step does with the data, and how the data header keywords are used and modified as the data are processed. It also describes when the data should be manually recalibrated and how to do it.
Chapter 4 - WFC3 Images: Distortion Correction and MultiDrizzle provides the current knowledge about WFC3 detector distortion. A brief description of what the task MultiDrizzle will do for WFC3 data is also presented.
Chapter 5 and 6 - WFC3 UVIS and IR Error Sources provides users with all the currently known error sources in the data for the UVIS and IR detectors respectively. Possible methods of mitigating the error sources are also discussed.
Chapter 7 - WFC3 Data Analysis includes discussions for better analyzing WFC3 data. The discussions are primarily focussed on photometry, astrometry and grism spectrophotometry.
For the latest information regarding WFC3 performance and calibration, users are advised to consult the WFC3 Web pages located at:

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