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WFC3-related meeting posters

215th American Astronomical Society Meeting

January 3rd, 2010 - January 7th, 2010
Washington, D. C.

(463.01) WFC3: Grism Performance

(463.03) WFC3: UVIS and IR Flat Fields

(463.09) WFC3 - Geometric Distortion and Multidrizzle

(463.10) WFC3: UVIS Detectors

(463.12) WFC3: In-Flight Performance Highlights

(463.13) WFC3: The Photometric Performance of the UVIS and IR Cameras

(463.14) WFC3: Calibration Software, Products and Reference Data

(463.18) WFC3: IR Detector Performance in SMOV and Cycle 17

(463.19) WFC3: SMOV and Cycle 17 Calibration Programs

(463.21) WFC3: Correction of UVIS Fringing Effects at Long Wavelengths

(463.22) WFC3: Optical Alignment and Performance

Created 01/19/2010 MJD