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ISR-TEL-2011-01, Evaluation of the HST Focus Model

ISR-TEL-2010-03, Phase Retrieval to Monitor HST Focus: II. Results Post-Servicing Mission 4

ISR-TEL-2010-02, HST Focus in SMOV4: Strategy for OTA adjustment & SI Focus

ISR-TEL-2010-01, Phase Retrieval to Monitor HST Focus: 1. WFC3 UVIS Software Implementation

ISR-TEL-2009-01, FGS2r: Deadtime, Background, Photon Aging, Sensitivity Calibrations, and Noise Properties

ISR-TEL-2008-02, The COS Pre-Flight Aperture Model and SIAF.dat File

Calibration and Analysis of Grism data from HST

ISR-TEL-2008-01, The WFC3 Science Instrument Aperture File (REVISED May 2009)

HST Pointing Improvements: Some Recent Statistics

Servicing Mission 4 Observatory Operations Support

What is an Optical Scientist?

Observing with JWST: Guide Star Functions

HST Focus & PSF Stability

Improving HST Pointing & Astrometry

JWST-STScI-001157, JWST Point Spread Function: Calculation Methods and Expected Properties

ETC/Synphot/CDBS Oversight

JWST-STScI-001136, Calibration of ACS/WFC Absolute Scale & Rotation for Use in Creation of a JWST Astrometric Reference Field

Improving Hubble Space Telescope's Pointing & Absolute Astrometry

ISR-TEL-2006-01, Modeling Aberrations in the Advanced Camera for Surveys

JWST-STScI-000962, NIRCAM as Fine Guidance Sensor for JWST, Operations Concept and Use Cases

Point Spread Function Modeling for the James Webb Space Telescope

ISR-TEL-2005-03, HST Temporal Optical Behavior & Current Focus Status

TIR-CDBS-2005-01, Assessment & Delivery of Reference Files

ISR-TEL-2005-02, Guiding Errors in 3-Gyro: Experience from WF/PC, WFPC2, STIS, NICMOS and ACS

ISR-TEL-2005-01, Recent Jitter and PSF Variations

Hubble Space Telescope Optical Telescope Assembly Handbook