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WFC3 Filters

WFC3 contains a large compliment of filters: 63 in the UVIS channel, and 17 in the IR channel. Actual transmission data for all filters can be found on the WFC3 CDBS ftp site. See the SYNPHOT site for information on how to use these data.


There are 48 filter slots in the UVIS WF/PC Selectable Optical Filter Assembly (SOFA) wheels. Five of those slots are occupied by "quad filters." Each quad filter contains four different spectral elements. One slot is occupied by a grism for low resolution slitless spectroscopy from about 200 to 400 nm. The other filters have a variety of bandwidths using the WFPC2, Sloan, Washington, and Stromgen photometric systems.

Characteristics of the UVIS spectral elements are published in the Instrument Handbook.


There are 18 filter slots in the IR channel. Fifteen of them span broad- and medium-band wavelengths that range from 800 to 1900nm. Two are grisms for slitless spectroscopy, and there is one blank position.

Characteristics of the IR spectral elements are published in the Instrument Handbook.