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[09/23/2009] Why are my DRZ images empty?

Why are my DRZ images empty?

As GO's receive their first WFC3 images they have been noticing that their DRZ files are empty and wondering why. This is because Multidrizzle processing is not yet being performed in the WFC3 OPUS pipeline. We are still refining necessary calibrations, such as the on-orbit distortion solution, and therefore Multidrizzle does not yet produce acceptable products for all observations. The DRZ files coming out of OPUS are therefore empty, dummy files that are produced as a placeholder in the archive, from which the archive catalog can be populated.

GO's can produce their own Multidrizzle products off-line using the calibrated FLT images as input. In order to do so, you will need to download the recently released IDCTAB reference tables, which contain an initial on-orbit WFC3 distortion solution. You can find these tables here.

Created 08/25/09, Modified 09/23/09