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[02/04/2010] MultiDrizzle is now supported in WFC3 pipeline processing

MultiDrizzle is now supported in WFC3 pipeline processing

As of February 4, 2010, WFC3 data processing and calibration performed in the STScI On-The-Fly-Recalibration (OTFR) pipeline system now includes MultiDrizzle processing. MultiDrizzle is applied to unassociated individual exposures in order to produce a distortion corrected image and, more importantly, is also applied to all associated exposures contained within dither and mosaic patterns, producing an undistorted combined image of the field. The MultiDrizzle results are stored in the _drz.fits files that are included with the other calibrated products for a dataset. GO's can obtain the pipeline-produced drz products for their data by submitting a retrieval request for their program from the HST archive.

Please note that the MultiDrizzle processing that is applied during pipeline processing uses many generic, default processing parameter settings that are intended to give only a first look at the results for all programs. Most users should rerun MultiDrizzle on their own, tailoring the processing parameters to best suit the needs of their data. The latest WFC3 image distortion coefficient tables (IDCTAB's), which are necessary to perform MultiDrizzle processing, can be found here.

OTFR processing is also now using calwf3 v1.8.1 for calibrating individual exposures. See the release notes for more information on this version of calwf3.

Created 02/09/10 MJD