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[10/11/2010] New Image Distortion Polynomials for WFC3 UVIS and IR Filters are Availiable from CDBS

On October 11 2010, new UVIS and IR instrument distortion coefficient tables (IDCTABs) were delivered to CDBS and are available for public use.

The file names are as follows:
IR IDCTAB: uab1537ci_idc.fits
UVIS IDCTAB: uab1537bi_idc.fits

These files cover the date range May 11 2009 onward. These updated IDCTAB files have been available as an alpha release on the WFC3 website for several weeks. After extensive testing by WFC3 team members and GOs, we are delivering these tables for general use. In the case of the IR channel, the table contains unique distortion coefficients for 5 filters (F160W, F139M, F125W, F110W and F098M) as opposed to the previous version of the table, which used the F160W solution for all filters. For UVIS, the new file contains unique coefficients for 10 filters (F225W, F275W, F336W, F390W, F438W, F555W, F606W, F775W, F814W, F850LP), whereas the previous IDCTAB used the F606W coefficients for all filters.

For more information about the modes these files affect and to assess if you need to recalibrate your data, please check the reference file pages for the WFC3 team at:

For the WFC3 IDC Tables, please see:

Created 10/11/10 MJD